Nano technology

Hearthstone, random seeder is always geared towards to the opponent for some reason. 3.4 Ghz Computer On a 3400000000 clock cycle, somehow they are guessing random seeding after random seeding. 42%30 = 12, pick 12, 84%30 24, nothing else to choose, choose odd numbers? 6, 168%30 18, I think they stack the deck way they fit, and swap card on the fly. One time use accounts, under someone else’s name. One time email creation, and one time use hearthstone account. Bend the rules, and deal more damage for them, and draw more cards. Somehow they might be reading your keyboard inputs with nano particle technology, looking at bloodcell in my body and translate what your keyboard stroke, which is inside my body. Maybe they found which blood cell is the blizzard programmer. Why don’t you play guess the number game or something to confuse them. Pretty much guys to input the random seeder has to play jamboree for how many hows of shift, to run it properly, 3, 25,23, true 11.