Mysterious Patron quest not working

Leave your clan and then click the magnifying glass next to the Shadows quest. Then click Join (even though it’s grayed out), click Yes (or whatever it says) on the prompt to reset the quest. Then visit Mysterious Patron and select Shadow Mettle.


Same issue. I’ll try the guys last thing there.

This worked even though I wasn’t in a clan I left my warband and then tried what u said and it worked! Thought I’d let y’all know

This also worked for me, thanks!

I have the same issue. The mysterious patron at the bar gave an option to donate my signets to clan so i did. Then the quest didnt dissappear so clicked on it and it took me to the patron in court of whispers and he expected signet that now i didn’t have…the quest doesnt dissappear, please fix this!

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This worked for me. I am able to restart the quest over and get the signet. Thank you!

Thanks man this worked

Confirmed bug still and repeatable with different characters where you can’t do anything with the shadows faction and the Mysterious Patron NPC won’t allow you to advance though the quest line.

Leaving your clan and/or warband as suggested does work. You need to click on the Note/Magnifying Glass icon in the quest tracker and then click the Join button, which will be unlit or greyed out like you can’t do it, but it will work. After that, follow the instructions and proceed to redo the quest again and will allow you to join the ranks after doing the requisite quests and you’ll get two more signets after you kill the 3 bosses… again. You’ll use one to join if you want, and will still have the other to invite someone else or donate later if you want.

NOTE: As it is now, if you’re clan is waiting on signet donations to become a dark clan, they won’t be able to invite you back in until they’ve completed that task. So it may be wise to wait until they’re close, because waiting on the devs to fix the issue may take far longer.


This is a huge Bug, i also donated both Signets to my Clan and the Quest bugged wasnt able to do anything. Now i leaved the Clan and still cannot do anything… wow over 2 Weeks no fixes at all for this game no controls nothing for pc blizzard so greedy f*** y**


Same here, same bug…
Can’t find a solution, wished I could reset the quest and restart…

When you handed in your signet’s to Mysterious Person how many signets less than 30 did your clan have?

For instance:
Two days my Immortal Clan left “Immortal” and became a regular clan.

This meant our full clan had to start over becoming a Dark Clan.

So that first afternoon as just a clan about 20 of us did the quests and gave both signets to the Mysterious Guy.

We were stuck in the quest and our clan was 26/30 when I went to bed.

When I woke up and logged on our clan had become a Dark Clan and I was a Shadow.

I had to do a few “go here then go there and click on that guy”, but I was had become a Shadow the moment the clan hit 30 signets and the clan leader joined the Dark Clan/Shadow group.

This is what you guys have to do, GET YOU CLAN LEADER TO JOIN DARK CLAN/SHADOW.

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