Mysterious Patron quest not working

I have given akeba signet to the patron then when i try to talk again to the patron the quest wont proceed


I am also stuck. I handed in the signets and now the patron asks me if I am ready to join - but there is no way for me to join

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I have the same problem

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I also have the same problem.

I have same problem, please someone read this reports and help me… heey BLİZZARD!!

Same problem here, quest is bugged.

Dear Blizzard,
Please fix this… So I can be a shadow…
Much appreciated!
Love the game.

I also have the same issue hey blizzard please help us out

Yes, same bug here. I hope it is fixed soon.

no news on this? I have the same problem

Same here just got stuck today, after i submit the signet and then report to mysterious patron and nothing happen, blizzard please fix this soon

Dittosame problem here

I have this same bug. Seems you can not join the shadows if you are in a clan. However if you donate the signets and then leave the clan you also still can not join and there is no way to remove the quest. You also do not get the signets back if you leave the clan.

This needs to be fixed. there should be a reset button on quests at the very least.


Same problem. Took both my signets. Left clan and still can’t join or participate in lottery

I’m having the same bug. The mysterious patron won’t let me progress. I got the signets and thought I was supposed to make my own clan. So I spent the money to make a clan after leaving my current one. Then he wouldn’t let me join Shadow still. I thought dissolving the clan would give me my money back but it didn’t. And I’m still stuck with the mysterious patron quest.

I can’t even file a ticket to get help?

16 days and still no word from Blizzard? how else do we contact them?

Same exact issue here. FIX THIS BUG PLEASE!

I’m having the same problem. Blizzard please fix! This game is great

Me 2. I have lost 2 signets. Re-join the clan and nothing happened! Please help!

I also have the same Problem got 2 signets and cant end the quest and now stuck and handed the signets to the Clan