Mysterious Patron Bug

Our clan was a Shadow Clan before Immortals reign change. We did the next steps and turned in the signets. Now I’m stuck in limbo: not a Shadow and no longer in any clan for some reason. The lottery isn’t working, it doesn’t allow me to enter it. The mysterious patron doesn’t offer a path to resolve this. I can’t join any Shadow clans or get invited. Please fix this bug!

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I’m having the same problem… how can we fix this, blizzard?

Same exact issue,the game has me in limbo for a week now

adding my name to this post as well

Same problem, clan can’t invite me shows I am not shadow but I can’t get into shadow, best is that I have a quide that tells me that I need to join a shadow clan

Server: trone of destruction
Name: JoXxY

You going to fix this, Blizzard?
The entire meta for this game surrounds the Immortals vs Shadows and you have a large population in limbo due to this bug.

same bug, please fix it blizzard