My topic was deleted with no answer. Let's get an answer this time?

“Unable to Connect to” only when on US East. US West gateway works fine and im currently playing and online. So why am I receiving “temporarily restricted access” from diablo 2 battlenet when I’m trying to use US East, which is where I’m located?

I’m sure there’s a reason? Once you let me know if I’ve been banned and why, we can address it. Thanks.

Hey there Sin,

Can you let me know what account name you’re having this problem with? I don’t see any restrictions on your IP address. When exactly did this start?

Thanks for the response. My account name is LawX on US West, but I don’t have an account with US East as I can’t connect. It’s been a problem that I’ve seen since about 12-18 months ago. It made me quit playing D2: LOD back then, and I was hoping to get back into it recently. It’s only on the US EAST gateway that when I click “” it doesn’t even try, it just gets stuck on “Connecting to”

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I think your problem isn’t a restriction, but a problem with your connection to the gateway. I’d default your hosts file to make sure something isn’t trying to override your connection to US East. If that fails, try connecting from a new admin account in case it’s registry corruption.

That fixed it. The host file was corrupt/edited for some reason. I can’t recall ever doing that manually, but thanks for the tip!