My Thoughts on a FORUM for Diablo Immortal

First of all, I am letting you know that as a person who’s been banned from all the other Blizzard forums for 999 years, by defending myself against trolls, I would like to start by not giving a fk still, but I will try a new approach. I’ll start by saying what I appreciate about the game so far, on the MOBILE version, because for some odd reason there’s no forum for the mobile version, it’s ambiguously called “ app” Not Diablo Immortal Mobile Version." So, let’s begin.

As a diehard fan who’s love for the game ended at Diablo II LOD, like 99% of the other real fans here, I can appreciate about this game using original elements that they skipped out on in Diablo III (Which sucked so freaking bad) and they used the good old gothic fonts for typing. I like how they also used the dark artwork, and things are not insanely world of warcraft over proportioned and cartoonish in Diablo Immortal. I also was tepid at first about the gameplay, but you do get to mix and match skills to be used, so that keeps things fresh. Lastly, I don’t see any rainbows in this game… so far… that whimsyshire crap really gayed up the entire game as a huge troll to the players, and was nothing close to the Cow Level that normal people loved. That’s about it for the good things, time to complain…

  • I started as a Paladin or Swordsman or whatever, all comments keep that in mind -
  1. You start with an awesome looking set up… that’s just not realistic, what happened to raggedy cloth armor? You’re so busy showing off your pretty amazing actually graphics, that you just forget to make us appreciate them along the way. When you start with perfect graphics and amazing weapon aesthetics and armor, then nobody appreciates any of it as it all becomes a sort of blend… I can’t start off badass, that makes no sense. I have to earn it. You don’t let us earn the respect for this game.

  2. Why is gameplay so fast like since when did I start off as an expert swordsman? It should start off slow and then as we get stronger maybe like 100 strength or so, then we start swinging faster and making more expert cuts, but I’ll be damned if I am just so good at the video game, why even upgrade my weapons I can just precisely mince up my foe at lvl 1.

  3. I should not be level 32 after playing for only 5 hours… Set me back to level 15 because that’s at most where any realistic efforts should be.

  4. I got paid in game gold 20k or so just for signing up? can you just give me the win already? damn! That’s so stupid! take my freaking gold BACK, make me earn it, put my bank account into the negative, SIR or MA’AM. -_-

  5. Why are you using the artists for Starcraft II artwork to make the artwork for Diablo Immortal, because it feels like I’m looking at Starcraft II artwork during the loading screens, ya know? I feel like blizzard you should know by now how to separate your teams from each other to be collaborative and creative on their own and not steal from your previous and other franchises. Please redo it all and make it Diablo-ish.

  6. Why are you bringing in the one thing that brought down Diablo III completely, the now defunct auction house which you removed, and as if a new lightbulb went in to a bad socket somewhere, and someone said “Aha! why don’t we put an auction house pay to win style in the game, nobody’s ever seen that before!” I mean damn you guys, have you seen your little stacked box if we pay you of gems or whatever and platinum? have you ever seen those other pay to win apps how they literally do the exact same thing? “for 4.99 you get 4x4 box of gems, for 7.99 you get 8x8 gems…” and they just make it look like it’s overflowing with such a great deal… like you are not creative there, so don’t even try. That’s shameful. You should make a free to play game that’s based around FUN not MONEY. You’re perpetuating class warfare, I thought you were better than that. Stop while you’re ahead, either make a free game or don’t or don’t call it Diablo, but Diablo is not supposed to be some pay to win game, that ruins its image.

  7. The attributes are not explained and make no sense, I am level 32 and still have no idea what on earth any of the “potency” or “willpower” does… is it like intellect, which is like having better magic attack or… and what is “score” why does my score going up effect the mechanics of how I play. Do you know how dumb that is? fire the person who thought they are smart for trying to make this some pay to win extremist example… damn.

  8. All these quests are super repetitive already, and clearly you had your world of warcrap team working on this one, as they have refused to make them more creative than “go walk into the woods and kill 10 derp a derps.” Hell, you’re taking the exploration out of your insanely awesome graphics that YOU try to make the main feature, by having “navigation” as a feature whereby I literally can automatically walk to places without having explored them first, simply because you let us click a button and then go afk.

  9. Treasure chests literally 90% of the time drop 1 pile of gold to the left, and one pile of gold to the right. Cool.

  10. This all feels like world of warcraft with the dungeon feature… why not incentivize your team to make something that’s dungeony that’s also NOT like world of warcrap. If you paid your employees to compete with each other, then maybe they’d make real content instead of stealing from your already existing pool of ideas and just “making them different slightly but not really, oh look it’s cartoonish hey that looks like … every other game you already made -_-”

  11. The chat box will not die. If I start the game it’s hidden below, but God forbid I open it once, it refuses to go back down and I can’t make it disappear… fix that please.

  12. Sometimes I will get constant notices for instance that “check out clans” but when I do it’s like “hah GOTCHA BTCH you gotta unlock it first.” I’ve experienced like 5 notifications like that.

  13. Organize your game! I know you just made it, and honestly I’ve encountered only 1 bug and that was crazy matrix on left and right for a split second whenever I entered a portal? So yeah, interesting.

  14. bosses are repetitive already, like yes we know, first boss gonna split into a second or maybe a third… cool.

  15. where’s all the good stuff??? am I missing something here? What happened to the insane amount of content from Diablo II like runes, and auras and charms??? I don’t see anything like that?

  16. nice try on your loot system but it’s still majorly lacking… It’s so redundant to the point where it borders being the same as the Diablo III loot system, whereby all loot is superfluous and you just sell everything anyways… whereas in DIABLO II you might keep a simple innocuous rare blue item because its stats rolled so high that you will trade in whatever maul of +20 strength for the headstriker battlesword rip favorite sword ever, cool look too, never forgot I found in high travical :( * But here it’s like everything you get is so heavily scripted, nothing is truly random… It’s boring already. I have only played for 5 hours mind you, check my account!

  17. Another boring story like Diablo III. I don’t remember the story for Diablo III you kept talking to a maximum and nobody cared! I have seen so much dumb random and purposeless dialogue to this story that I just skip it all. It’s trying too hard to BE a story while also trying so hard to make you appreciate the graphics, but then not appreciate the graphics because you get to auto navigate and go afk, while trying to make you appreciate fun but then creating class warfare by making it all pay to win and bringing back the auction house. DUMB! DUMB DUMB DUMB people what is wrong with your heads!

  18. the download was annoying because it said 3.5 GB but when I downloaded it, it was like “AHA! if you want the full gameplay download all this other extra stuff!” so I was forced to download another 7 GB, so why lie about the file size lol…DUMB.

  19. gameplay is restrictive, have to follow some crazy tutorial where we have no control in the game in the beginning, and after that it’s just from one quest to the next like a madman. I should be allowed to just spawn with my character, and talk to people if I want or just go explore. I must have completed 100 quests already, literally, and I don’t know what’s going on with the story, I don’t know the significance of the quests. The only thing I know what’s going on is that you have Deckard Cain being the old guy again, and Charsi the blacksmith? the one lady who made you get her hammer from the barracks in Diablo II and she always low rolled you some crappy imbued item that you immediately sold back to her LOL. OKAY makes sense xD LOLLLLL. Awkward. You have wayy wayyyyy too many extra characters that have no uniqueness to them. Diablo I had wirt, the gossip, the drunk, the blacksmith… here we have bill joe his wife, his cousin his uncle… who CARES! make people who matter. It’s like in Lord of The Rings when Bilbo says that the ring is like butter being spread over too much bread… either make a theme or you’re themeless… but you can’t have it all, you aren’t GOING to have it all, so make something that works and stick with it. Stop trying to please everyone.

  20. slightly destructable environment, but no loot drops from any of it :frowning: sad…

  21. hidden layers… kinda vague bro, where do they spawn oh wait they’re hidden! oh cool… where are they? they’re… oh it’s gone, oh okay? cool! You need actual secrets and hidden stuff in the game, like those secret rooms in the barracks in Diablo II, where the wall goes in if you click it and you get all the gold on the floor… I don’t see anything cool like that yet. Also, you refuse to explaine what the non breakable glass is about in Hell act IV but I digress…

  22. no choice in game difficulty… goes hand in hand with the decision to give us 3 health potions which refill in game. Maybe in your head you say it clears up clutter in backpack for mobile users, but to me as a mobile user I say you guys don’t trust us to manage our own potions… so they autofill when we head to town, figured that out way late… should let us know somehow oh wait, you don’t because they’re automatic! DUMB.

  23. waypoints are confusing as HELL. You need to make them a hierarchy, or color code them or something! I’m level 32 guys, played for an hour, and the ONLY town waypoint that I remotely recognize is the freaking one at level 1 base camp… that’s sad… Also, discovering versus clicking the waypoint, I wasted a lot of time not knowing I had to also click it after discovering it… ended up skipping grabbing a waypoint. -_-

  24. Make the basic attack more diverse, since you have proven that you do have hold and release skills, do that with my basic sword attack. Maybe a combo like slice and power hit… since clearly I’m SUCHHH an amazing swordsman at level freaking 1… seriously. -_- DUMB.

  25. lyra was never a character, nobody liked her, nobody cared, she sucked in diablo III which was a game you ruined, so why bring back suck to a new game… just remove her and fix the dialogue by considering her CANCELED. she was a whiney little kid in a game for mature adults… even wirt in Diablo I was diabolical with a missing leg, jeez lyra was like a gen z er or something, yikes!

  26. I just realized this… no bows? no ranged weapons???

  27. What’s this game even about… seriously, using the words Diablo and Immortal is like you mean “forever a pay to win game.” that’s just insulting…

Other than that, I end this crap sandwhich with a sunny side up bun, by saying that I’m actually very impressed with version 1.0 of this game. You have made a solid functioning, thing… with a lot of complex assets all working in almost perfect harmony. I haven’t encountered any crazy bugs, so clearly you guys did your best to make it clean for release. Thank you for that. It looks very visually stunning, and it has depth to it. I’m surprised by how much “extra” there is like map to run around in, I thought it would be tiny like Diablo III… AND I’m very VERY happy about how it does not make my phone run hot, which means you guys have mastered whatever it is that you do to not make my phone generate a ton of heat while playing your game! I play hero wars and that game ruins my phone and overheats it, and there’s not really a lot of brain going on in there if you know what I mean lol… As always,

The Homeless Starcraft Player, TakamoriwayW, Carbon Marine, or just me! :slight_smile:

  • John

I do not like seeing other players as I walk around.
Which also includes the difficulty of competing with other players for kills and loot in open world.

Yeah, I think it clutters the game up, but I do appreciate them making a thought about hiding all the mobs that they fight, sort of?
Also, found a bug!

Sometimes the screen dims completely for a few minutes then realizes it’s dimming.