My thoughts about Black Ops Cold War

I’ve got a chance to play Black Ops Cold War on the Free Access weekend trial (only two modes, Outbreak and multiplayer) last month. I’ll give you my thoughts on it.

I like Outbreak more than the multiplayer, because it’s not as heavy and frustrating as the multiplayer. Outbreak mode is good and also fun.

The SBMM on BOCW multiplayer is inconsistent, because I’ve got to team with the scrubs against the all stars. Even you carry the team, you still lose the match and it’s frustrating. Secondly, this game should have come more multiplayer maps during the release. Lastly, the killstreaks points cost way too high. Overall, the BOCW multiplayer is average.

That’s about it and I’m afraid the new CoD will have the same problem as BOCW. I highly suggesting of buying it for Zombies and Campaign.

My thoughts about people incapable to read the guidelines before giving feedback about a game in the API forum. :crazy_face:

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