My feedback is you stole my money and then lied to me

So I currently have an open complaint with the Washington State Attorney General. You sold me Modern Warfare Battle pass Edition in Aug and only credited me with Standard.

Aug I order Battle pass edition while on Sale ORDER #US577167559. Install the game. Notice I don’t have the 3000 Coins nor do I have any of the battle pass skip tokens. I promptly contact Activision support and am told that Blizzard only sent the entitlements to Standard. Told me that I have to contact Blizzard support. I did. GM Crahomin explained that they show the right edition was sent to the backend @ Activision, and if I contact them and they are unable to help, they would gladly refund my purchase.

So I contact Activision. Activision claims this time they can’t help me because they can’t verify the sale even though I sent in and forwarded emails both from GM Crahomin, and my credit card. I request a supervisor and he (SebastianS) says he escalated it and gives me ticket #12153979.

I contact Blizzard support and give them the response I got but said I don’t want to risk it, and to please give me a refund. Ticket #US74832982. So I did EXACTLY what I was told to do, and instead of getting a refund I get GM Lonrregon telling me I do not qualify for a refund because I played in his opinion too many hours between replying back and the original ticket respond from GM Crahomin. This was less than two days in time.

Contact Activision to see the status update on my ticket and the rep says he has no records of the case number, nor see’s any escalation requests related to it. So I try you, Blizzard again…

I reply back I had to wait for Activision support to actually accept tickets before and this isn’t how this should work. You can’t sell me a product, and then as the vendor who sold it to me, deny me a refund on things I never received because a GM felt I played too many minutes. More so this made no sense because I was told by YOUR STAFF to contact Activation first. If they told me this was a possible outcome I would have asked for the refund ON THE SPOT.

I then contact activision again, explain the situation and told them I was just going to charge back if neither Activision and Blizzard can help. I was informed if I do this, they will remove ALL Blizzard and Activision games from my account, that means all 7 of my wow accounts, Destiny 2 account, MULTIPLE Call of Duty Accounts, Diablo II, III, plus expansions. This was a mistake on your end, as this is an ILLEGAL PRACTICE in Washington State. Weird, now my account is shadow banned… every match filled with cheaters and I can’t connect to a game under 175 ping. (Noted in my filed complaint)

I then go to reply to the ticket at Blizzard with this info and I am told by GM Veressdyn that while as a gamer he understand, his hands are tied because Activision isn’t Blizzard and he can’t force them to give me the things that I legally purchased. He closed the ticket without giving me a chance to respond.

I want to ask, do you @ Blizzard see how OBSURD this is? I am 45 years old and I have never dealt with a company who has passed the buck and refused to give me what I paid for before. You forced me to take legal action, you are forcing me to go through the Washington State Attorney General which is going to not only waste their time, but your legal departments time responding, all because YOU didn’t honor the sale agreement you entered into with me by accepting my credit card.

Do the right thing, or don’t. At this point I’ll let the state handle it. Really disappointed in this company. Sickening that you feel good about letting your customers get ripped off. I am not stopping until what is wrong, is made right. You are going to waste thousands more in man hours, then you made off my 60 bucks. Ask yourselves, how much do your lawyers bill at? Is it more than 60 dollars an hour? Think we both know the answer to that. Either way I am getting what’s owed. That’s a promise.