My Favorites are not favorite i.e. most important

I mark my favorites for a reason, I want to see them first. I don’t want to see who is playing a game and then my favorites below that. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Either put favorites in the obvious spot … F I R S T. Or give the options to arrange the groups the way I think they should be.


This. They are my favorites for a reason. I want them on the top of my list so I can see what they’re doing. Then everybody else.

At least make the groups moveable so we can decide for ourselves what goes on top and what doesn’t.

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I agree. Was surprised the groups weren’t moveable. I want my favorites up at the top.

Just here to agree with this. Even after you hide the people playing the same game, the next time you open the app they’re showing again pushing your favorites down :slight_smile: