My experience with Blizzard Customer Support and their Report system

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To be honest, this is one of the most elaborated cries i’ve read in these forums yet.

I just finished reading the pictures you shared and can’t side with you at all, you were clearly harassing another player while displaying kind of a toxic attitude, you don’t necessarily need to rely on insults to be a toxic player.

Also, i just failed to see where the ‘‘illegal and outrageous disrespect’’ lays on, it is true that sometimes it feels like a copy & paste response like it just came out of an automatized system managed by some sort of AI, but it doesn’t seem like that’s your case after pushing the second reply from a GM.

You also seem like the kind of guy that likes to push things further than needed over trivial stuff, so i would just go ahead and pick this chance to also ignore you.

Anyway, have a nice day.

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That is what it seems, as backed up by the Blizzard Forum Support Agent who looked into it. The OP posted this same thing in multiple places.

From the WoW Customer Support forum (which is not related to the game they got actioned in)

Specific reply by Blizzard explaining that actions taken seem to be appropriate for the OP’s behavior.