My combat rating is 0

I can’t enter the lassal mission because my combat rating is 0 and I was originally over 1000


I have the same issue, combat rating and resonance are 0

same here… guildie as well.

Same here. 0 resonance and 0 combat rating.

i figured it out… take a piece of equipment off then put it back on.

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Thank you for this! I had just made a purchase and thought there was an issue with that. Changing gear out worked thankfully.

Well, spoke to soon. I did a rift and challenge rift and it dropped to zero. Didn’t have an issue killing things though so I’m wondering if this is just visual.

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lol yeah, here too. so so unequiped and equiped and it fixed… again…

I also have the same problem, after contract mission

Combat Rating 0 (PC). Still can kill stuff. Problem trying to que for Lassal.

Same issue here, cross-platform. Strength is also showing as 0. Combat Rating corrects when equipment is replaced but str still showing as 0

Combat Rating goes to 0 very often and it is confusing when you try a higher level Path of Blood. Sometimes you can’t see if you need more CR to beat the next floor.

“Strength is also showing as 0” - due to a character is a caster maybe.

Right right Necro so maybe that’s it.

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