My character vanished

I can’t find my character. I had it linked to my blizzard account, I never deleted it, I checked all the servers and even the tab for “my heroes” and can’t find it! No one had my pw or tried to log in to my account. I was playing yesterday, on my android phone pixel 6, then it made me sign in to blizzard again and all of a sudden my character is gone! I only have one blizzard account, so I’m definitely signed in to the right account… and there is no way to get help through the app or through the support page! I’ve tried reinstalling, clearing my cache and everything. Please help! I was up to paragon 120 or so… So kind of a big deal for me… My server is Prime Evils and my character name is Forged

same happen to me I summited a report here about it.
this is my second time it happen, in the first time I was able to restore my hero using restore mode but today I cant due it is in cooldown, i hope they fix this issue

My hero has gone as well I spent money on the battle pass and boon of plenty and can’t get my rewards I lost money and also can’t play please fix this issue. I did not delete my hero at all but has happen to times this week now I have to wait play

That’s a shame. I’m both relieved and upset that I’m not the only one. Hopefully it will be fixed sooner rather than later

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