My battletag keeps going invisible + Can't DM people

Okay so I’ve had this issue for over a year, I’ve made multiple tickets and the issue, for whatever reason, never shows up for Blizzard GM’s. But for me it’s the same across three computers now. I’ve gotten so desperate to fix it that today I wasted my free btag change trying to. Leaving me stuck with a battletag I’m not a fan of and… it’s still not fixed. Nothing I do seems to fix it.

The issue is basically every now and then my btag will be invisible for both me and my friends. My profile picture will still be there but nothing else. Then when I go into my DM’s they’ll just load forever, never letting me send or recieve anything.

It all started when I put in a request to refresh my free name change back when the Cole Cassidy thing happened (Thinking I could use it later down the line if I ever swapped WoW mains).

I’m tired to trying to contact Blizzard for a fix so I’m throwing it out to the community. Can someone please help me, it basically kills Bnet’s functionality as anything but a launcher.

Blizzard seem to think it’s client side but after testing on 3 PC’s + my friends telling me that my btag is invisible for them sometimes means it HAS to be an account issue.