My accounts seem to have poofed

I log into my 20+ year old accounts every 2 months without fail, i log intoday 2 months later from last check in and 1 account is wiped no toons on it at all and the other account is non existant, im super pissed, checked email nothing about account email or pass changed, so not hacked. Played it for 6 years before WoW came out and played it a bit after then just kept checking in on it every 2 months to keep it going. If i didnt have a brain id punch a hole in my monitor right now. -.-

you got hacked. hackers do not need to change your acc pw + email. they can just take your items and delete your toons.

… sigh well i deleted the game any ways was a tad depressed so yeah… oh well… life will have to go on lol

Just learn from your mistakes. Don’t download bots and cheats and you will not get keylogged.

ummm i nvr did LOL i permed it every 2 months, logged in went on each toon loged back out just to keep it alive but thanks for insinuating there doommaster. Never have cheated sorry to burst your bubble.

Don’t be intimidated by DoomMaster, he seems to be on a tirade as of late accusing anyone that reports any game problems as a cheater.


AHH so hes a fanboi gotcha

Touch break hope for better luck in future

Maby it’s time for you to try hardcore softcore is for wimps

hey man, sorry to burst your bubble but this type of thing NEVER happens like you’re describing it …

even if you “Didn’t cheat” and didn’t download the latest bot, mod, or d2 hacked (disguises for keyloggers),

you could have easily clicked on a forum link by a hacker on a d2 forum which employed cross site scripting and code injection (esp if you’re using internet explorer; are you?) and then logged your keys.

Blizzard was never compromised to a point where OP is one of the many victims, and by the sounds of it, he was not active, wealthy, or renowned enough in game to be targeted specifically for Diablo II. Unless he was keylogged, he was not hacked.

OP, were any of your characters related to any sort of profanity, racist slurs, or anything not exactly PG-13? Pretty sure there was a cleansing in this regard recently. Additionally, were the characters expired at all? In other words, did you renew your characters as well as your accounts?

I just don’t see Blizz poofing anyone’s accounts or changing passwords. It simply does not happen.

Try leaving an account inactive for 90 days. :wink:


Columbus ya every two months id perm the accounts fully log into each toon, i did have one toon badly named though lol was there for over 20 years named C unt_ripper lol

Hey Crash, was perming my accounts too that I’ve had basically forever, had a collection of nice stuff. One day I log on and all gone. When this happens to a someone who never botted or MH it’s very sad, eventually quit and still quit to this day.

Only response I got was that you you have to perm more often now instead of every two months. Don’t let your character expire, perm at one day left.

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#metoo so terrible r

do you have any evidence about getting banned for racial slurs or is this just another “my uncle works at blizzard” make-up story?

dude, this DOES. NOT. HAPPEN.

been playing since release for 20 years now and whenever someone says this, they did something incorrectly. you have to actually log into the lobby with each character every 90 days. anything less than the aforementioned will delete your char.

some people are whining because there is a grace period but that’s just what it is: a grace period. if you rely on that extra 7 days and renew at day 98 and cry … it’s you’re fault.

Accounts expire after 100 days. It may have been longer than two months before you hopped over. I highly Advise anyone who wants to keep Diablo 2 items safe log in monthly.