My account had been suspended

my account has been suspended but i havent received the email to say hoe long im banned for

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Same they did same to me and no explanation as to what is going on. It appears they leave the smurfs and cheaters and ban for thing in chat and I mean you don’t even have to cuss they will just ban you over anything you say like disagreeing. Talk about free speech removed! I mean if they had any sense about themselves and how to run a game they would just turn off the chat and let people play , focusing on instead the crap that’s really ruining this game, well other then them banning players over chat lmao. Soon they will be out of players I mean look at the post on steam , pretty negative about this game.

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Nothing can be done on the forums – there are no Game Masters here. As its name implies, this forum is for help with technical issues (installation, disconnects, crashes, etc…) on very old Blizzard games, such as Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Account issues cannot be resolved here.

You can put in a ticket and appeal the account penalty if you wish… and ask for information on your case. You likely will not get very specific information… but you might be able to get some idea of reason for the penalty. You should probably say that you didn’t get an e-mail providing information on the reason for the account penalty.

This Support article may be helpful:

Good luck with this.

So the forums aren’t a place to come and ask for help? Wild.

And you probably won’t get much information either unfortunately. And even submitting a ticket won’t do anything other than give you a copypasta response from a.i. customer support saying to read ToS and not to do it again. And they won’t even bother to tell you what it is that you did wrong either.

What part of “Nothing can be done on the forums – there are no Game Masters here.” didn’t you understand ?

There is no one here that can provide any information on why his/her account got suspended.

Not for account penalties, no.

Always keep resubmitting the same ticket until a human answers.

So this ISNT a forum? A place where people can come and discuss things or ask questions? What part of that don’t you understand. You aren’t the only one who is allowed to voice their thoughts or opinions but if you want to believe so then okay lmao

Of course, but only discussions and questions relevant to the forum topic.

In this case, discussing account penalties is not allowed on the forums. As was already pointed out above by Boubou, there are no GMs here so you wouldn’t get any questions about account penalties answered anyway even if it were allowed. The only avenue to Bliz in this case is the appeal system.

Secondly, the forums are not communication points with Bliz. They are intended as player to player by design.

I’d be careful with peacocking. Boubou has been around long enough to understand many of the policies and procedures and has given you correct guidance.

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Got it so you can only “peacock” after 2000+ posts then cuz ? [quote=“Boubou-1741, post:5, topic:50593”]
What part of “Nothing can be done on the forums – there are no Game Masters here.” didn’t you understand

And what did I add that wasn’t part of the original discussion? They asked what to do, the response was submit a ticket. I added that submitting a ticket may not work. Call it both ways if you’re gunna call it at all.

Let’s avoid being ridiculous, Donohue.

Nothing Boubou said was peacocking. They simply pointed out that they explained everything you needed to know, in response to your hyperbolic attitude.

So no, there is nothing to call out “both ways”.

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So when they say “what part of that don’t you understand” it’s fine but when others do it’s wrong. Lmao literally said the same thing as then but ok. Got it thank you for the clarifications!