My account got hacked

My problem was that I had stopped playing overwatch 2 years ago, but I’m glad I am now able to return to the game and am very excited about overwatch 2. But after logging into my old account, I realized that my old account could not log in. When I retrieved my password by email, it led me to IamMrBeaRR # 1837 instead of MrBeaRR. # 1128, I tried to find MrBeaRR # 1128 in overwatch and it still has the same level after two years have passed. to gmail but there is no other phone number and give me a little information about MrBeaRR account # 1128. What I hope is that you can return this account as before? like reviewing the change history and returning it as it was then, changed to gmail: I do not have any information about the current bank card code because I am only 16 years old and buying this game through a website in Vietnam hoping you guys will help me and reply soon. Please contact me via gmail: