My Account Got Hacked

My account just got hacked, someone changed the email on it. Im using this meanwhile i try to recover it. How long will it take? i have my credit card on it so im worried about it. Any1 from the support cant help? this is urgent

did u get any response yet?

A response from Blizzard for a compromised Battlenet Account is usually within 24 hours if all the proper documents are submitted - and if the hacker is not also in the email intercepting notices.

It is very important to clean the PC and secure all accounts on it before trying to recover the compromised ones.

Instructions for how to put in a ticket are here

The handle all account access issues privately, as you might imagine! The forums are not a means to submit a help request.

Same here, they made away with $500+ from my Paypal subscription. It’s been 48 hours and three tickets. Not a peep from Blizzard. Must be nice not to hear people lose money over the phone.

Best way is to NEVER give blizzard your credit cards and any payment info. So vulnerable.

Best games they have are from partners anyway. And yes I’m salty. Not worth playing mediocre games and risk losing your money and identity. At least not with Blizzard.

Your payment information is not displayed in full anywhere on Blizzard’s website in your account information. As a result, the most someone can do is use a payment method you have on the website to buy Blizzard games and services.

If you have multiple accounts compromised you really need to deal with the malware on your system or figure out how you got phished.

You also need to contact your financial institution/PayPal.

Blizzard did not have their system compromised - by law they have to notify customers immediately or risk millions of dollars in fines.

Account got hacked and email changed. I am young and don’t have government ID. Blizzard denied my recovery. What options do I have?

You can ask Blizzard if there are any other documents they accept. The Support article does have some other things you can use like a birth certificate, if your parents let you.

This is one of the reasons it is often best to have the account in the name of the parent/legal guardian, if the person is a minor in their country.

If you are unable to submit proof you are the account holder, then Blizz is not going to return access to the account.

If you do make a new one, talk to your parents about it first. If you make it in your own name, put the free Authenticator on it to help keep people out. That does require a valid cell phone contract plan in your country of residence though which you might not have.

My parents said my birth certificate is a safety deposit box at a bank. Can we use my father’s ID to recover the account? Thank you.

Blizzard would have to make that decision. MVPs are other players who can help out with links to support articles and basic information. I can’t tell you what Blizzard might say.

You can put in another ticket and explain the situation.

Thank you. We just opened a ticket explaining the situation and using my father’s ID. We will see what support says.