My account got falsely banned

So my account got banned more “hacks” on Overwatch, while I have never cheated on my “kermit” account in my life. I find this bullcrap (sorry for the strong language) because people can not accept the fact that a player is better than them so they tend to report them. I believe I was banned through the “player report system” because I genuinly believe that the blizzard staff & overwatch team are not this stupid. I’d like to get in contact with a developer of any kind to get this account unbanned because I really enjoy playing this game and I have fun with friends. I am a top500 DPS player as well who plays in lower ranks so this might contribute to the ban. I also have a private profile for my statistics to be hidden. Hopefully someone gets back to me on this because I find this really unfair and unjust.


My daughter just had this same issue. I am with you brother. No reasoning given etc. I checker her(My laptop) that is administratively locked down. No person to interact with. Instant ticket shutdown.

I have contacted the Better Business Bureau to open a complaint. The customer service behind this is the most poor thing I have ever seen. I suggest you file a complaint as well.


I just got banned yesterday to on Overwatch. No reason at all ive never hacked in my life and thats what they accused me of

Make sure to open an appeal if you truly feel it is unjust. The forum team isn’t able to assist with that process.

this also just happened to me. the game masters in the support do absolutely nothing, im a diamond player and have been banned for “hacks” aswell and the game masters will not properly listen to my requests