MW2 Vault Edition No XP Tokens

So where are the tokens that were advertised to come with the Vault Edition? I paid the same price as everyone else that bought it, why would this content be missing, and if you say that you had to purchase it through an in game store, that is not true. Read the description on the battlenet app, it says we can buy it through the in game store and nothing about it being required to receive the tokens. I want my 20 hours of 2x xp, I paid for it.


i have the same problem! i got the 99.99 euro pack and no tokens

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Same issue here not sure what to do

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Same here, purchased the Vault edition, and no tokens.
I checked w/ others who did the same thing their tokens show up.

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I want my tokens !!! What a scam

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Same here! Was hoping to get a leg up early on, guess I just got ripped off. The button to use the tokens is completely missing in my game.


Same here. What shall we do?
Probably booking back the charge… :thinking: