MW2 stuck on Season 3 screen. Will not start up

Good morning, as many of you are similarly seeing. Cod is stuck on that season 3 screen with Ricochet in the top right. Will not boot past that. If you close out it continues to say playing now. Its been 2 days and this needs to be hotfixed but does anyone have a solution? Ive reinstalled. Run in admin and not admin. verified files. updated all drivers. Tried to run that bootstrapper which never does anything? Please help :slight_smile:


ive done everything but body slam my pc…im back and forth with support, i was told to get a new gpu…so i sent my dxdiag…i literally run my pc at 25% capacity everything tuned for performance with all updated amd ryzen drivers with top of the line ethernet …my pc is for playing mw2 only…ive tried steam, as well as xbox, on steam it does the same as battlenet…xbox dashboards during loading animation screen. it has to do something with the activision acct itself…battlenet isnt at fault here.

Yup, Went through all the annoying troubleshooting with support. I guess we just wait for a fix. Great company! Might send a refund demand and submit a complaint to the better business bureau!

I am having the same issue, I have just send a complaint to Activision via support ticket regarding this issue. Hopefully something is done about it.

Try opening it with onedrive running in the background. For me onedrive had uploaded some of the files required to run the game to “free up space”, so when I launched the game with it open it downloaded them. Then right click on the game folders and make sure they’re “always available” so it doesn’t delete them to free up space. Cheers

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this worked for me after trying everything I could think of for weeks. it was stuck loading when i read your post so i started up one drive and it instantly worked. this is the fix.

Hey there,

When it comes to Call of Duty, Blizzard Support is only able to offer support for install and patching. For issues with Call of Duty crashing or failing to launch, please refer to Activision Support.