MW2 Phone # BS Blizzard hates us

So I have cricket because it’s affordable and I rather pay for games and other electronics than a phone service. That being said it was announced Cod MW2 will follow OW2 shenanigans oh the phone authentication bs that millions can’t work around even though I’m paying $75 for their game. I had plans to switch to Verizon in November since my area struggles with Crickets service however I heard if I keep my number and switch carriers I’ll still be flagged because it was once attached to prepaid. I called Verizon and they have absolutely NO WAY of confirming what numbers were once pre paid lines and I run the risk of that number already being used.

I’ve had this number for 15 years. Everyone including work has memorized this number. I hate switching phone numbers. Can anyone confirm that switching to Verizon isn’t enough? I’m changing my carrier anyway but I’ll be damned if I have to change my number for this bullcrap.