MW2 permanently banned account

I didn’t even play a single multiplayer game. The game crashed and I clicked “scan and repair” and was banned shortly after that. If you are experiencing the same my advice would be to contact your financial institution and report the transaction for the game as fraudulent. File a police report for fraud if your bank deems that necessary, and report Activision/Blizzard to the better business bureau. They will probably work a little more diligently to fix the issue if enough customers do this.


I don’t think they had a successful launch yet. It is only 2022.

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Agreed I will be disputing the charge to my card immediately!

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Just email about that because the same thing happened to me. I just emailed them yesterday and im waiting for their response.

I also played less than an hour of campaign. The game crashed twice and I decided to go to sleep. Get out of work next day play warzone then decided to play more campaign and my account is banned. Did the appeal and got denied. This is ludicrous. I have never cheated or used any third party software for anything.


I’ve emailed battle net and I’ve emailed activision. Activision denied ban appeal and no response from battlenet. I’ve requested a refund appeal after being told I am not eligible for a refund. Legal action is the only option now. Good luck friends

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Had the same exact things happen. This is theft in my book. There is talk of a class action lawsuit on reddit. $100 down the drain to these scam artists.

I really dont think theyre going to do anything to resolve it. They got their money and thats all they care about. They never cared about the players. I really hope this goes into a lawsuit and it ruins COD and blizzard.

File a complaint with the attorney general in California

Ive already filed complaints with the BBB.

Got my money back. Disputed through bank. Still havent heard anything from blizzard. Bunch of cons stealing peoples money.

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Youll be waiting weeks for a response. If not longer

I had the same issue. Played 2 online matches, then went to load into SP. Game crashed. Re-opened and I was permanently banned. Appeal denied.

You will receive no help and you will receive an automatic appeal denial from Activision. You will then also receive no assistance from Blizzard or activision employees and as such you will have had your money stolen from you.

File a complaint with the California Attorney General, report the transaction as fraudulent (as your access to the license was not granted within the terms of purchase) and contact the Better Business Bureau. You will receive information from Blues and MVPs on this forum that is inherently false and unable to capture the scope of this issue and subsequently will be causing more harm than good - as this is a very important issue that is being ignored.

Yes, your money was stolen. Yes, Activision violated the license agreement banning you (unless you were actually cheating - but conveniently they are not explaining which “data manipulation” software you used). And yes you are legally eligible to a refund.

Trust me - the Attorney General of California will assist in figuring this situation out. There has been a precedent established for this issue in the past.

same as everyone here. i just want my account that is almost old enough to drink, to be unbanned. this is unprofessional and illegal tbh.

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I actually requested a refund because I didn’t really like the game and didn’t want to play it anymore. Then a few days later I decided to give the game another shot and found out the account was banned even though I haven’t even played for more than a few hours in total. I also got a reply to my ticket saying they won’t refund me because my account is now banned… So I did the only reasonable thing and opened a PayPal dispute for this scam. Lo and behold a few days later PayPal closes the case in my favor and I got an email from battlenet saying they “issued me a refund” even though it was though PayPal that I got my money.

Moral of the story, if you got banned for no reason just make a PayPal dispute or chargeback through your bank because you’ve literally been scammed out of $70 USD for a game you can’t even play. Make sure to explain the whole situation and put the reason for the dispute as “I can’t access or use the digital download or content”, and make sure to include some screenshots from the lobby and the launcher where it says that your account is banned. I also included screenshots from the ticket I made with no reply as proof that I tried to resolve it with blizzard first. PayPal will look at the evidence and understand that you’re in the right. The same works with your financial institution (customer is always right). That’s the only way you’ll get your money back from this scummy company.

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This is insane. I literally never played the online game. I was busy with work and now Activision bans my account for illegal software. I tried to tell them I was hacked and got an auto-reply to go away basically. This is ridiculous. I will very surely be reporting the transaction to my bank.

exact same thing happened with me, I set up an indemnity claim with the bank. I asked for a refund as the game was so broken refused a refund 2 days later I was banned. Same day refund. Got to love Barclays!

Well i think Activision needs to be sued . for example look at the google article labeled = Modern Warfare 2’ players hit with perma-bans due to Activision’s faulty anti-cheat software.
One example of many further searching the net turns out its hundreds of people.

If you look around the internet there are forums riddled with people that got banned for nothing. Meaning Activision trusts its faulty software more than its customers. Imagine a car manufacturer that has a car that just suddenly would catch fire when you put in the reverse and they blame the driver.

its the same example.

Then look at their terms and policy and compare it with a crime case.
In a crime case you first get the accusation bring a explanation and you go on from there on. But with gaming companys nope the gaming companys stand above law becouse they write contracts without any reason. In fact that is fraud. Fraud in first not having a customer protocol to investigate the problem or doing anything to mend the issue fraud in stealing gamers money. In my case i was working with AI to develope a overlay for disabled people. This running in the background made their software detect me as a manipulator. The company just says manipulation detected . Well then ok how by what put the evidence on the table but nope the gaming companys stand above the law. Now look at the numbers of gamers they have banned. We are talking about hundreds of people it not more. Is therefore see it as my duty to start a court case representing all gamers to get a case to sue them. Now the logical thing would be. We detected send a warning inform the user even in a crime case you inform the person lets investigate what could it be. Fix the problem . Does it still exist then move on from there. I Will therefore push lawfirms to sue them . Not becouse i have the time or the will to do it but becouse i hate when a company that makes 7.41 Billion dollars a year first dont have a sensefull protocol to meet the customer or a term that is constructed by reason. This company is crooked the customer service is none existable with all that money no service no respect for the customer no real structure in the administrative area towards the customer. And this is the market standard folks. I Therefore suggest to file a collective case so this people learn a lesson becouse they need to learn to behave like civilised people. So i invite anyone that want to demand economic compensation to join.