MW Pre-load? Any help appreciated


Hi- I have redeemed a code for the MW early access beta and i can confirm this by going onto the redeem page, where it says I have already redeemed a code for Apparently i can’t use a token to download the beta like xbox or ps4 can, and it says it’ll be available on the desktop app? Does anyone know where on the desktop app, because it just says pre-purchase for me.


same probl here. i pre purched the game and later i installed battlenet, i cant download the beta yet


same any news?parchased from battle net




Should of stayed on STEAM.

Update: It says the pre load will be ready at 10am Pacific time, 12PM central, 1pm Easter. So we have about 20 mins left. We will find out


Its live

Go get it, ready


Hey all,

Dates and times for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta can be found here.


pre parchased on ,cant install it so i will be ready for the beta,any sagestions?

Can't reedem a code on my account

I pre bought the MW operator edition $129
still have not received any beta code


It isn’t a code on Bnet, go to the tab to install.


I have no way of installing this as well and can not seem to find any way of getting assistance.


Hey gang :wave:

Beta preloading should be available now (I started the download on my own machine over an hour ago), but if you’re not getting the option, please try clearing out your app’s cached data. Your game library may need to be re-authenticated.

Deleting Files

Best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile: