MW is not launching

Whenever I try to launch Call Of Duty it starts the first loading screen, but then all of a sudden it zooms to the end. The next thing that shows up is an error message that my GPU is not supported. Please help if you know how to make this work. My GPU is a GEFORCE GTX 1060 inside a laptop, so I don’t know exactly which one it is.

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I click play it goes to launching, then playing game and nothing pops up at all.

Would it matter if i only have a GTX 5710?

I have been trying all sorts of things to load into the maps with no luck. The one thing I have found that works every time is ,I re-download the shaders at start up, its under options/graphics tab. After a few minutes the download is complete and i can play till i restart the game . Then I have to go through the process again.