MW II Purchase and New User Experience

Hello All.

Just to convey my experience here. After dabbling with MW (Free for a while) and meeting a gang that i liked to play with, today i figured i would buy MWII and get into the newer fun.

Made the purchase and from the start was a bit wonky, at the end of the purchase it said “I already had the game” - which i didnt, but whatever.

~60GB Download starts, and goes nice and fast (averaging about 70MB/s (big M) and was done in quick order. Excited i opened up the game, and to my horror, the “first thing” is - we have to download more shaders… and the game is “pretty much” frozen between the shader kick off and the initial opening screen.

midway through the opening, another box pops up saying “we need an update and will restart” - strange, didnt i just download the latest copy of the game? (for a time check its about 35 minutes since paying for the game and still not able to get going). A another reboot, and shaders restarts (since it wasnt done when the update started) and we are into the menus. Selected Campaign to start and see the content and whoops - We need to restart the game again…

Love you guys and I know how hard it can be with releases, but i think you could do a bit better, how come the “latest maiden installs” dont have the latest releases - would save lots of time?

Perhaps a bit of thought about the “first experience”? 5+ reboots before we can get into any playing mode?


Wrong forum…

This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games – legacy games such as Diablo II (2000).

For feedback on MW2, you want to go to the Activision MW2 site and click on “Leave feedback”:

Best of luck in your games !