Multiple Users On One IP Address


Recently I have been having a lot of issues with realm downs. I am not the only one in my house that plays this game, and I think that is messing with everything when we are all playing at the same time. Is there a way to remedy this so that we don’t get realm downs and can all play how we want to and not have to try and change things around in order to all play?

Thank you

Yea please remove useless restrictions so we can actually play the game multiplayer without TCPIP

I grew up with this game and always played it on I have had lan partys and I live/lived with people who also played. Now im teaching my son to play, and we cant even play together because of these issues. 2020 and its more broken than its ever been.

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As did I, I remember playing the original diablo, then diablo 2 classic before LOD. It’s a real shame they are making it so difficullt to play a game that has really stood the test of time and is still an enjoyable game to play. I wish they would allow us to actually enjoy it! At the very least, I would like some concrete rules to abide by (i.e. how many games per hour you can make, how many users online at a time per IP, etc.) so that I could avoid the realm downs and such. I can’t seem to put my finger on what causes it. We can sometimes play a bunch at the same time and then others we make one game and we get a 2.5 hour realm down.

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