Multiple Bugs when Trying to Log-in to with Cookies Disabled

When I try to log-in to with cookies disabled in my browser, I encounter several bugs:

  1. I get redirected to an error page saying: “translation missing: en.login.omniauth_error.generic”. I am using the English webpage, so I assume that it is not a translation which is missing but actually the message itself.
  2. It seems that the log-in process does not distinguish between disabled cookies (which is an issue that can be resolved easily) and a CSRF check failure. The URL of the error page is, which suggests that the webpage assumes a CSRF check failure though the cookies were simply disabled.
  3. On that error page, when I click on “Log In” in “My Account” again, I get redirected to a page ( which does not even exist, resulting in a HTTP 404 error.