Multiplayer Ping and Leatrix Latency Fix?

Hey all,

Like many others, I came back to D2 after a hiatus of many years to taste me some of that sweet nostalgia. Now granted, I expected there to be some difficulties in getting everything properly set up. Though I was also subsequently expecting everything to run as smoothly as it had in the past.

Back then my multiplayer ran just as smooth as SP, with negligible ping or input delay. Now – SP is still perfect but MP has a consistent 1/4 to 1/2 second delay with all interactions in-game. Oddly enough, if I click too fast (e.g. quickly trying to move an inventory item to another slot), it won’t even register that the 2nd click to drop the item ever existed and I’ll still be holding the item.

I have ~200fps, 40-100ping in town, USeast living in Mass, and have tried glide wrapper and near all compatibility issues. It’s certainly playable (hell, I use to “play” MMOs on dial-up without the minimum RAM) but man, that ubiquitous 1/2sec delay is really irritating. My question is if anyone has any advice on this, or am I just beating a laggy, dead horse that everyone deals with? I briefly looked into leatrix latency fix but don’t know if the risk/reward is worth it. Does anyone recommend or have experience with it?

Thanks so much everyone! Yeah, it was long winded.