Moved to the Start of the Queue Again for an Ongoing Ticket?

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2020
Ticket Number: US70930324 (submitted from a different account).

Dear Support,

This matter is still outstanding. I submitted this ticket LAST THURSDAY (now almost 5 days old, approaching a WEEK in 48 hours).

It’s not that you do not respond, the problem is that I am only given the chance to respond ONCE every 24-29 hours before someone could attend to it and request for further particulars… and when I do reply with such info (usually within reasonable time eg. 15 minutes to 2 hours), it is not attended to again for another 24-29 hours.

Am i moved to the start of the queue again, each time? No disrespect intended, but please be reminded that my later responses do not constitute new petitions/tickets, they are my replies in an ongoing query. I am very eager to make a purchase and start playing.

Your expedition in the matter much appreciated.



Thank you, the matter is now resolved.