Mouse cursor stops moving in bnet app when wallpaper engine running

Since the 2020 winter sale began, my mouse cursor has been stopping for 1-2 seconds every 5 seconds or so in all bnet app tabs except the games tab.

I first noticed strange interactions with my mouse from bnet as soon as I opened the sales page. Since then, this problem has persisted.

If I have another app open and maximized (making wallpaper engine pause, and not visible), the problem vanishes. If I have the bnet app maximized, the problem persists for the first instance of it, then disappears.

The mouse cursor stops moving even when it is outside the bounds of the bnet app and over the wallpaper on the desktop.

I’m using a Razer Basilisk Ultimate with the dock and a Razer Blackwidow Elite keyboard.

All drivers and software are up to date. Windows is up to date. Bnet is up to date.

I’ve tried changing all the settings in wallpaper engine including ‘pause when other app focused’ but the problem remains.

It seems to completely disconnect the mouse and keyboard from the computer as their rgb lighting all turns off, loses sync, then reconnects and resyncs.

Any ideas?