Mounts in the Auction API

It seems like no mounts are currently present in the auction data I get from the API.
Can anyone confirm that? Or head me to the way to get them?

I’ve tried next:

  1. Went to the auction in-game
  2. Checked for the mounts there, copying the name
  3. Then found mount ID by its name
  4. Tried to look for this ID in auction data
  5. No results

Also, no items are prefixed with mount_sth like pets do

You don’t sell mounts in the auction house, but you do sell items which teach mounts.

For example, item 67151 (Reins of Poseidus) teaches spell 98718 (Subdued Seahorse) which summons mount 420 (Subdued Seahorse). Look for item 67151 in the auction house API.

Gotcha, thanks, that makes sense.

Was under impression that it was an actual mounts list since a lot of these items have the same name as the mount they teach to summon.