Mount 1011 has duplicate displays


The five creature_display->key->hrefs returned include only 3 unique values. (84570 and 81722 are returned twice.) (I was going to paste the whole response but I couldn’t find a way to make the long lines look reasonable on my screen.)

All returned hrefs within a single mount record would be unique.

This was hardly even a nuisance to code around, but since there is only one mount that has this condition, I’m reporting it in case it’s a clue to something potentially more worrying down the line.

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Odd. It seems to be because MountXDisplay.db2 in the game database has 5 display entries for that mount (including the duplicates you mentioned) and the API has inherited those. So it’s probably harmless, though multiple display IDs are really unusual for a mount that doesn’t come in multiple colours. It looks like the 5 display IDs all confer the same appearance, and vary only in scaling differences (which is also odd because those things are usually handled by player race). The display ID numbers vary due to “player condition ID” values in the same table, and even those don’t seem to have a lot of differences, except for gender and some things that don’t seem to be of great consequence (to my untrained eye).

Because these are in MountXDisplay, they could keep returning to the API in future updates. I’m just unsure if all those entries really need to be in the database at all. No other mount seems to be handled that way.