Most ladder players

Enjoy the reset because they can easily level with bots and get gear to get ahead. There’s a very small number of real legits which is why starting over every 6 month season on a multiplayer game is very unattractive.

As a real legit I can 99 a hardcore barbarian in 3 months. It is a full time job though and I need to find 3 Ber and a Zod in the first month to do it in that time frame.

I’m sorry but that is pure shenanigans

It pains me to say it, as I still play. Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction is my favourite game of all time and I play legit to this day, but they don’t care about us bro. These servers are on life support right now. It’s the equivalent of a 50 year old power generator lighting up a building and it’s coughing and wheezing and some guy smacks it with a broom so it keeps on kicking.

Blizzard legit does not care about it. Trust me, if they REALLY wanted to, you know 100% they could destroy the bots. They have the power and resources. They just don’t care. Believe me, I would sell my soul to play a ladder reset for 6 months without bots. I really would. But there’s no way to monetize this game for them other than cdkey sales so they don’t bother.