Moira Thaurissan BUG!

Well, Today 17/10/2020 I am trying to beat Black Rock Mountain in heroic mode, for the card back, everytime I try beating Emperor Tharussian, his starting minion, Moira Thaurissan, which supposedly is only allowed to attack minions with taunt, she also attack al other kinds of minions, the last games I played I never used a single taunt minion, but she attack for no reason my other minions. I will be really glad if you could fix this bug, because I really enjoy the game, and I really want that card back.

This form is for issues installing the Classic Blizzard games like Warcraft 2, Diablo 2, etc.

If you wish to report a Hearthstone bug you can do so on the Hearthstone Bug Report forum. Please be sure to read the pinned threads to see if it is already listed as a known issue. You can also see if someone else reported it and join their thread.

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Oh I am so sorry, my bad. I am new in the page

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