Modern Warfare not launching from Battlenet Client (PC)

As of yesterday, when I click the big blue PLAY button for MW, the client says “Launching”, and then nothing happens. Sometimes the client will even update after a few minutes to say the game is running, but a quick look at the task manager reveals this to be obviously false.

I’ve made a total of 0 changes to my pc setting since the last time the game worked and now, so I’m a bit baffled as to what could have caused the issue.

Any support would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


same here, cant play…
scan and fix did not work msconfig as well wont help


I do not know what to do anymore. iam facing this problem for 4 days. I am constantly trying to launch the game but no matter what i do, i cannot make the game pass the loading screen after pressing the “big blue play” button.

this is an old trouble that happend with CODBO4 and happend with CODMW back in 6 months ago, and now it is back.

i unistalled teamviewer (that i use for work) AutoHotkey, Malwarebytes, shutdown Logitech Software, disabled All services in MSCONFIG (a part from Microsoft and Nvidia) disabled all services including microsoft too, i tried compability options such as admin permission, DPI, disabling GPU acceleration, i tried unistalling blizzard app, removing CODMW Launcher from game files to re-download it, running game in low resolution from security boot, disabling options inside blizzard configuration tab, restoring defaults, killing apps in background, and even reseting BIOS.

I have just not reinstalled the hole game yet.

i need a solution for this, as i was playing normal everyday, and all of a sudden here i am.

i have nvidia 450.82 DCH driver with latest windows 19613.1000, the same i was 4 days ago and playing normally that time.

I need a solution, please. Waiting feedback.


any solution? I have the same problem. I’ve had similar issues in the past and it resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling, however I really would like to not do that again.

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I have uninstalled the game. Roughly a month ago when I purchased the game, downloaded it and began playing it worked seamlessly. I never had an issue for a good 2 or 3 weeks. The past week or 2 the issues began, the have changed in “error” messages but they are all the same regarding crashing/closing the game.

The latest issue of joining games has added to the frustration with the game, so I have uninstalled it. There is nothing to do at this point, all the troubleshooting suggestions do not get it back to working how it was when I first purchased the game.

Activision asks for patience, and there is not much we can do (aside from complain online), so I will wait. I will install once more in the future when it is said to be fixed (truly fixed), and if it does not work and is still broken, I will look to get a refund for the product I purchased that is broken. Not even sure if that will be possible, and not sure I even expect it.

But it will be the last time the parties involved get any money from me. Luckily there are so many games out there and not enough time to play or pay for them all.

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Hey there all.

Game client issues are not within our scope of support at Blizzard. Please review this post to find out where to get help with in game problems.