Modern Warfare expected outages

For those of you who pay for the service and have purchased the game, you may have noticed that the game is no longer available to you. Welcome to socialism, where you pay for the product and everyone else gets to use the product that didn’t pay for it.

As I was playing today the game decided in the middle of a game that I needed to update my game in order to play the game… I was currently playing.

It kicked me out and told me "I needed to update my video card. (which is BS because everything is up to date and was functioning perfectly when the game kicked me out a minute ago.

Now for some reason i cannot connect to the service…

I reload the game like a good little slave and update all my drivers.

Do I gain access to the game? No, you can’t because we F’d our sh!t up and have no idea how to fix it, but we are going to blame the customer until someone figures out WTF we did to the game.

Blizzard has no interest in assisting you because they have absolutely no clue as to what they screwed up in the first place and most likely someone will figure out they fat fingered something screwing have of the world while blaming the customer for the error.

I’ll give them a few days before demanding my money back and then a week before filing a law suite (class action) if you are interested for a service that had been cancelled because they don’t know what the F* they did to screw it up.