Modern Warfare Can't get controller to work

Hello, I have been trying to get my Xbox controller to work I am using the Xbox controller wireless adapter it has been working just fine in other games. I get on Call of Duty Modern Warfare and I go to the settings I enabled the controller from mouse and keyboard. I loaded up a quick game and my controller isn’t working in game. I have made sure my controller is updated and my drivers as well. Any other game I load up works fine except Call of Duty.


I’m afraid you are in the wrong forum, this is only for Blizzard web APIs. CoD is an Actvision game, you’ll probably find more help over their support site:

Well I’m going thru the same issue, even tho this a Blizzard forum, it’s still the launcher, and maybe, they can help or let Activision know. I tried that Activation support and there is no reply from them, none. So coming in here can be a plan b

Nope, not a plan B, not Blizzard responsibility, and definitely not an API issue.