Modern Warfare BS

I paid for MW and am now in the server queue waiting to connect, not even able to play campaign. meanwhile my friend who is playing for free is able to get in and play, while im waiting. THIS IS UTTER GARBAGE. OWNERS OF THE GAME SHOULD GET PRIORITY! PERIOD!


Same to me. MW cannot connect to servers.

i cant get into my game it says unable to connect and then it tells me to sign in to activision and i did and now its trying to connect

they did a update on pc, and logged everyone out and cant seem to reconnect. but my bro on console is fine?

my game works now. when i closed the modern warfare i was about to restart my pc just in case then i saw a quick like 2gb update that took like 2 seconds and i started MW up and now its working i guess they fixed it

Hi. recently i installed the warzone and i loved it. and in a free weekend i played some multiplayer modes and decided to by full version so can play other mods. but i live in a country has the least valued currency, i have to pay third of my salary to buy the standard edition. its like you have to pay 600 dollars for a game and i cant afford it. if someone can gift the game to me i would be very appreciated. my username is ArioBarzn