Modern warfare account locked

i was playing warzone as always , my internet cable little warn out so the game starts to lag ( internet disconnect and reconnect ) this happened couple of time
after that it kicked out of the game and under PLAY button in blizzard said ( ACCOUNT LOCKED ) idk what happened
i checked activition appeal ban i was not banned
contacted blizzard they said we can’t do anything and you have to contact activition
idk what to do
beside , when i launch the game i get message ( LOG IN )
underneath says ( ACCOUNT LOCKED )
anyone had similar problem like i did

  • i don’t use cheats/mods/glitches/my mic always turned off

same problem here. I went on holiday for 2 weeks and when i came back i log in on and “account locked”. Do you have any idea what it means? it this a temporary/permanent ban?

idk , i searched the whole internet and i couldn’t find any IDEA what that even means
it’s ban but it doesn’t look like a ban from activition
all i can think about it’s a battlenet lock on the account
i got message from from battlenet game master telling me they are investigating what they can do and i have to wait (week,month,year) idk
goodluck getting our accounts back while real hackers out there having fun


can you tell me if you find a solution?

yeah sure i will , though i bought modern warfare from different account
and i start from scratch which it’s sucks

This has to be idiots behind screens banning people for no reason,
I didn’t even play for 2+ month , i wasn’t even in europe , i come back to see i’m banned , Appealed the ban BECAUSE WELL I DIDN’T EVEN PLAY AND I GET BANNED LOL.
The ban was lifted without even me receiving any response from Activision (lol…)

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what’s crazy is , i appealed for ban and there is NO BAN on my activision account
i contacted activision support and they told me they don’t see any ban on my account
i contacted blizzard game master something they said they only can assist me with me with transactions problems and i have to contact activision support
i really have no idea what to do right now

its funny bc the exact same thing happened to me literally what you said is my problem im having

Hey I’m SANTASYRIA signed in from different account because i requested from blizzard account deletion fory primary account ( which is SANTA-SYRIA)
What happened is i emailed ( submitted 3 different tickets ) blizzard regards my account locked problem and they replied we can’t do anything and i have to email activision
I emailed activision support and they said that i don’t have any active ban and my CALL OF DUTY account is save and since the (account locked ) message appears on launcher its blizzard problem
So i was like screw this I’m gonna try to delete my blizzard account and make new one , link my activision account to new battlenet account

If this worked out for me i will let you guys know

Note : when i make new account i have to buy the game all over so you will have to too

Same problem here! I hadn’t played BOCW in months, decided to update it and play zombies again. I was banned 2 days later. I appealed and they said that I had used unautherised software hence the ban. But now the fun part is that my MW2019 is also ‘Account Locked’ and I have sent messages to Blizzard but they have told me they can’t do anything about it. I can’t contact Activision support in any way shape or form so that isn’t helping either. Honestly I don’t know what to do. If anyone has figured this out, please reply to this!

do you keep the warzone progression?

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After 2 months i found that my account is no longer flagged with “Account locked” thing.
This has to be a joke , someone in Activision/Blizzard ours accounts and bans ppl for no reason.
Never giving any more money to this company.