Modern Warfare 1.16.2 Patch - Crashes are back

In the 1.15.1 patch - the game began to crash while playing Muti - you seemed to have corrected the problem with 1.16.1 patch. But, 1.16.2 the crashes are back. Cannot play the multi. it crashes every time. Ive repaired, uninstalled, reduced my graphic settings, monitored my network traffic. Everything plausible to correct, still no good. Please correct this issue.


yeah i have tried literally ALL methods and i still keep crashing 2 mins into the game and get a disc read error usually.

Same here, the issue is back. and I am not able to play any mode now very sad. Activision, please help.

I have no clue what to do but I do know it is a blizzard issue. Please help. I am having the same issue. What else can we do to work this problem?
Played for 30 minutes but as soon as I got on to the war zone it crashes every time.
Multiplayer there is no issues!?!?!?

I’m also having the same problem and major lag issues since the new update.

same here game is crashing everytime i start it only since the 1.16 patch hopefully they fix it soon as its now unplayable
Running with an intel i7 9750h and the RTX 2060 6gb with 16gb DDR4 ram

so definitely well capable of playing the game and i was getting 100fps on high settings before the patch hopefully its resolved soon as the game is brilliant

This is pathetic. Everytime I get on to play a quick game there’s a huge patch to download and then crash!! Waste of time and money!!