Mobile phone compatibility

Still not working for me. Let’s hope it fixed today cuz I was going to stay out of my house for a couple days and was hoping to be able to play on my phone.

on my Redmi Note 10 pro I downloaded the apk file of Diablo Immortal works fine

From where you download how?

Download Uptodown to your phone and you can search for Diablo immortal there.

Uptodown is also ne apk you have to search on google, can here in the forum no links reinmachen


Servus, if you have an old mobile phone where you can install it, install the 2 GB and send it with (Share me) to your new mobile phone. Game then installs and starts and installs the remaining about 10 GB. Thus, it is then playable on your new phone where the official store displays not compatible.

huawai downloaded from the Google Play Store and sent it with (Share me) to my Xiaomi Mi 11 the app and game Diablo immortal on my Xiaomi Mi11

I have the same problem with my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. It’s using Snapdragon 845 so it should exceed the minimum requirements.

Well, do you have an old phone still where the store goes and where you can possibly download ?the Diablo ? How did I do it

Download Diablo on the old phone, install Share it on the old phone and using Share it send it to the new phone.

i have an LG Stylo 6 and get this message as well.

I actually got to download it thanks to this comment! Thank you!

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Can you share the APK file that you transferred from the old phone. I don’t have an old phone with right now so I cannot install.

Same here with a Motorola G7 Play and android 10 : it said the device is not compatible.

The problem might not only be with Blizzard.
There are several other games that are not compatible with my phone:
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic I (while II is compatible
Civilization Revolution 2
Civilization VI

Looking at the list of incompatible Samsung phones above, I can’t see any pattern in it, only random models which makes me think it might be a bug within the Google Play store. I contacted Google but they weren’t helpful either.

But we can bypass the Google Play store. Apps can be installed using downloaded installers. They are already available on APKPure and uptodown. It would be great if Blizzard provided official installer for Diablo Immortal on one of their websites so that we can start playing until the issue is resolved.


Same problem here. I’m on samsung galaxy s10+


Game seems to be not compatible with Xiaomi Mi11 - Snapdragon 888.
Waiting for the patch.


Same problem with the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Alpha and Beta tested without any issues. I find it absolutely ridiculous that after 4yrs they stuff it up on launch.


The morons from the support told me that the phone is delisted because some Xiaomi and Samsung phones are running Exynos chipset. And I already explained to them that there is not 1 Xiaomi phone that is having Exynos. Then they sent me to the forums. That is completely retarded of them

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same , the original beta worked, now the new one does not. S10 android V12.


Redmi 5 Plus, cannot install either :frowning:

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I spent $65.00 during the final open Beta that I can’t use. So I’ve requested a full refund as per Australian Consumer law. I’m so pissed off right now with Blizzard.