Mobile phone compatibility

Same here. Americas and disappeared from play store today but was there three days ago. Same issue on both a Motorola Edge with Android 10 and Motorola G7 with Android 10.

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Hello !

I have the same issue with my Redmi Note 10 Pro, i Hope they will work on this soon because there is no reason for no working


Same here with a Redmi Not 5 plus, i tried share the apk from another phone but it cannot be installed…

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Hi, same issue here. Redmi note 10 pro MIUI 12.5.5 with Android 11, suddenly Diablo Immortal has disappeared from play store and now my device is listed as not compatible. Hope it will be fixed.


Same problem, I have a Samsung A11


Hey all,

We’re aware of issues with Xiaomi mobile devices incorrectly showing as incompatible. The devs are checking that issue out.

If you see this error message for other types of devices, please double check to ensure that you meet the system requirements and create a thread of your own with information on your device including your operating system.


I had some thoughts about how play market sees Redmi Note 10 Pro (it sees like Redmi M2101K6G), perhaps it may be one of the reasons. Please check my post on reddit for more information

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Thank you so much for taking a minute to reply! I am glad it’s an error and not a real incompatibility.

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Cmon we have phones but cant play. Fix will be kinda fast or “soon”?

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Android version 10

same here on samsung A13

Same problem on samsung A11 as well.

Same problem with samsung galaxy note 10+.
Android version 12.

It was available for pre registration and now it is showing as incompatible


I have hope that we get some info fast. Redmi note 10 pro.

Ok in google play app I still cant download that game but its posible for now from Taptap app (blue logo “Tap” in application graphic)

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And its working? Can write if you check

Still not working for me. Let’s hope it fixed today cuz I was going to stay out of my house for a couple days and was hoping to be able to play on my phone.

on my Redmi Note 10 pro I downloaded the apk file of Diablo Immortal works fine

From where you download how?