"mobile" friends are NOT "online"

I have 2 friends in my list that are literally always increasing the counter for the number of friends “online”, but when i open the friends list they just have the “mobile”/“away” status. They are NOT “online”. So why do they increase the counter for friends the app considers “online”?

All this does, is make the “online” friends counter useless. It doesn’t show how many friends are online, it just shows that these two have the app installed on their phones. That’s less than helpful.

Can we please get the option to hide “mobile” and/or “away” friends?
They are neither available for play, nor for communication, so these statuses shouldn’t be increasing the number of “online” friends.

Or at least keep them from increasing the counter on the friends list button so they don’t show as “online”, when they VERY certainly are not?