MM Hunters and Pets

ok i seen alot about MM hunters using pets , if you think MM hunter does more dps with lone wolf and no pet you have not been playing hunter sense vanilla, you only claim and or have not ran sims on it. lone wolf is shyt buff compared to a cat pet, i ran sims 100s times with and without pet, also with many different types of pets , in every situation MM hunter does more dps with pet, maybe your running the wrong pets and thats your ignorance, but especually in raids and dungeons , remember pets do constant dps while your running away from AOE, and kiting mobs, they get feared sometimes maybe but my cat doesnt die from aoe like they want you to believe and for the most part they still deliver dps while your moveing around or waiting on aimed shot. i dont care what icyviens says or blizzard, they been wrong on many things in the past , i been playing hunters for dam close to 16 years. there is a lot of hate for MM hunters i noticed, you need to know which pets to tame and which have extra dps skillz that will benifit your MM dps. personlaly i like pantheras, most cats and wolves for MM dps. It seems my panthera , which is the one i use more then any other pet, does me constant solid DPS and slightly more so then Wolf. with my panthera i do way more dps then lone wolf. lone wolf is a shyt buff and they would like for you to think otherwise , as if they want to bring your DPS down. Hnuters are squishy we have pets to keep mobs off of us and add DPS, and they should be used on both BM and MM, they say top hunters not useing pets, well thats nice and all but the fact is they dont need to , and if they did they would still push more DPS then with just lone wolf buff, if your not then you have wrong pet, ponys are not good sorce of DPS for pets . MM needs cats wolves. If you doubt me go tame you a panthera , right now in SL i am killing it with my panthera and MM hunter. i have been out DPSing most players i come across and almost 90% of the time my Openning burst DPS is number 1.