Mission joining Shadow get stuck unable continue

I stuck on a mission joining Shadow during conversation with Mysterious Patron. 2022-09-19T16:00:00Z


Im having the same issue. The quest is called gathering the shadows. Im supposed to talk to the mysterious patron, but it requires a signet i dont have. I turned in my signets for a clan that was not yet shadow and dissolving , then quit to join an ally clan. Now im not a shadow and no one can invite me.l to become a shadow.

Having same issue, apparently if you give both signets to clan without equipping one you can fix it by leaving your clan and do shadow quest again but you lose all your rankings and progress. This has been a problem for at least 4 months and there’s still no fix :rage:

I am having same issue. I did the shadow quest line and submitted my signets. Then my clan dissolved before they became shadows. Any feedback from Blizzard? I’d hate to wait until next cycle.

Same issue here, my whole clan is waiting I guess. :frowning:

I am also having the same issues with joining after completing all expected quests including turning in my signets two days ago. This has happened before also. Could you please respond???

Just turn your signets in and wait for clan leader to convert into shadow clan once 30 signets are donated. Not that big a deal, ignore the task prompt. That message isn’t hurting anything by being displayed. More of a glitch than an actual bug.

But my issue is that the clan dissolved. So the old clan will never reach shadow because it doesn’t exist.

Well, bad luck. See if someone will invite you to their clan.

I’m stuck again, the clan has already 30 signets. I can’t submit my 2 signets. It’s the only option when I talked to the Mysterious Patron.

For all!!! Someone in the game helped me and it worked. Don’t click the quest itself. I clicked the magnifying glass next to the quest. This allowed me to do the quest line again and get my signets. I then turned them in to become a shadow.


This doesn’t always work. For me, this is what I get:

“Insufficient Akeba’s Signets. Participate in the Shadow Lottery to acquire signets; you can also join an existing Dark Clan with an invitation.”

Other threads I’ve read outside these forms seems to suggest that you can’t be invited either, since you’re on the quest.

EDIT: Don’t know what caused me to get into a state where I couldn’t reset the questline via the workaround, but waiting a day cleared the flag/condition to allow me to retry the workaround and actually reset the questline.

news? i have the same problem, i can t do the quest and nobody can invite me in a shadow clan because the system says that i am a shadow but i m not… i’m waiting since 10 days…

I’m not saying that it won’t work sometimes, but I did this very thing and now I’m still in the same situation. Can’t participate in any shadow activities, can’t do contracts, can’t progress rank. etc etc etc.

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