Missing CR after ancestral tableau

Hi! I have lost around 30 to 40 combat rating after upgrading the ancestral tableau. I’ve checked everything and nothing has changed other than my combat rating. It was 6610 combat rating before upgrading the ancestral tableau and after upragrading it dropped to 6589. It went down instead of increasing. Hope it can be fixed as it is frustrating to lose combat rating like that.


Same here. Can someone explain why this happened?

Check this post. I think something is wrong there and they need to investigate and compensate.

comigo está acontecendo de não aumentar a taxa de combate após subir o nivel do quadro ancestral. Gasto os 300 pontos e nada acontece com a (tc)

I have upgraded my ancestral tableau with two levels. Based on the shown result my total combat rating must increased at least with 12. Didn’t change any gear or set item, but my total combat rating decrease with 20 points. All the other warband members in my warband got this issue…

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