Missing Characters bug

Hi, Just writing to inform that D2 has 2 major buggs, “classic D2 LOD game”. US east non ladd and Ladd. (That is what I tested so far.)

First: There is a chat bugg where chatting does not always work depends the game that is created. During a specific “instance.” within your server.

Second issue: Characters are being deleted or going missing. (I am not talking about expired characters etc…) Literally random characters are being deleted.
(And creating or deleting characters in the said account does not fix the issue.)
(No ban no issues nothing just vanishing.)

With the characters in some situations people have more than eight if the mouse won’t let you scroll down use the arrow keys on your keyboard

If is bug then to be soon fixing.

Yes It has nothing to do with scrolling I have played this game since its release. I would have caught that buddy, not to mention I am a programmer myself what I think blizzard did is they removed the timer expiration date without telling anyone about this. That is not acceptable… So instead of having the countdown in red when your character is expired it now gets deleted. My issue is my characters got deleted before the timer even hit the expiration date. (Deleted due to a bug.)

I sort of mentioned on a ticket I filed a week ago that they would probably spend less time fixing the bug than on tickets filed by people that got affected by it. It’s crazy, I saw the bug last year, and then again a week ago. If they were to spend only half an hour a day on this game, this is the issue they should be fixing. I had a 17/19/10 anni and I can’t even remember what else on those chars this time. It’s cheating people out of more than say, a few minutes of their time if an RTS game times out because of badly maintained/faulty servers. It is cheating people out of hundreds/thousands of hours of their time invested on the game, because the rug is pulled out from under them after they have been told it is safe to spend that time hunting some very sought-after items, and their “very valuable and rare” item(s) can in fact disappear on them at any time (for non-botters anyway. It’s probably not that much of a loss for botters since they didn’t find their items anyway. Course I wouldn’t want to lose items that way even if I botted (which I don’t). Botters basically bot with the knowledge that ALL their accounts could get closed at some point though, but this is certainly not the case for non-botters. I guess the complaints may go both ways. Lol. Botters have less to complain about than non-botters, though. I don’t know if they are trying to argue about it. Haha). Blizz ought to fix this problem as quickly as possible. This is a significant issue. The others, less so. Out of the issues on bnet atm, this is the problem they have to fix the most. The others don’t warrant nearly as much debate as they are getting.