Missing all online gold

After being unable to play all weekend I finally log in only to see my companion is dead. I went to resurrect her and found all my gold is gone as well. I’m hoping my ticket is seen as I’ve requested either a return of the gold or a refund of this C- game.

how much gold do you need to rez ur merc?

also this is the diablo 1 forum so good luck getting a mod to help

i had an issue with missing gold awhile back that was different than yours. i would put some in my stash and then my stash would get wiped out but what i had on me was still there. i have not seen that problem recently however. there are 3 things you can do with gold:

  1. put it in your stash
  2. keep it on your char
  3. toss it on the ground and pick it up when you need it.

i have not seen disappearing issues with 2 or 3.

I unfortunately had the same type of issue… So frustrated I made a new account. fingers crossed it wont happen again.

Are you actually playing Diablo 2 Resurrected? If so you likely put your gold in the Shared stash tab instead of your personal tab. Check there.