Microsoft Buyout Bad Idea - My Two Cents

I’ve been out for a while, so I only just read that Microsoft is buying out Blizzard. That’s too bad. Yet another mass ownership with limiting thinking, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see prices rocket.

First off for purposes of this discussion please don’t call it Blizzard, it is not Blizzard it is Activision, Blizzard is not and has not been it’s own company for a long time now, it is owned by Activision.

Secondly, Activision destroyed Blizzard and messed up it’s own product lines as well most notably COD, so Microsoft purchasing Activision, (Blizzard being a part of the purchase, cloud gaming was not) is cause for hope. I definitely believe that Microsoft will be an improvement to Activision, how much of an improvement we will have to wait and see…