Mercy contender skin bugged

mercy contender bugged wont show up even after watching 20 + hours I’m not allowed to post on overwatch forums since i had gotten a lifetime ban on it they wouldn’t even let me post only in e sports section or bug section I only pvp. they say 100 years is normal for first offense kind of overkill since. I was at blizzcon and i have played overwatch games and blizzard games since the very beginning, I never received my tracer final skin and spray either heck I didn’t even know that was actually a thing it wasn’t mentioned on the website if I hadn’t watched a you tube celebrity star mention he was their I would probably wouldn’t even known it existed. I tried contacting e sports on overwatch but that page was bugged too you couldn’t even send it in to contact anyone. I’m a Disney celebrity I kind would like both and the spray. thank you hope to hear from you soon kirito.